It’s Terminal


You gotta love an empty airport. I’m sitting with fellow slope workers who are all sharing the same look. The look that says “fuck me sideways, I have 14 (some of us have 21) days starting now”. I’m resisting the temptation of unhealthy McDonalds fries and chicken with bbq. The trending conversation is “end of the world” talk. It’s all jokes and laughs but you can’t help to think what if. What if gravity gives out and we all float to our death. What if our hearts and brains shut down intantly, who the fuck is gonna feed my cats then? My god they are gonna shit all over the carpet. At least we wont have to go to work anymore. I’m looking at the sun now. I wont see it for another three weeks after today, assuming we are all still alive. Then I’m gonna party like its 1999.


About Ian Amidon

I love listening/writing/recording music. I own three cats (Lilly, Leila & Poet) and two husky/lab mix named Cody and Roman. I'm 28 years old and I own my own place which keeps me busy. I have an amazing wife named Nicole and a loving family. I enjoy entertaining others, debating, arguing, eating, drinking, shooting, reloading, shooting again, and social networking.

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  1. I don’t have a TV, so your bit here is like a refreshingly irreverent comedy routine. Glad to have found you.

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