All The Small Things (Day 1 of 21)

    Works sucks, I know! This morning marks the first day completed of my 21 day hitch. All went well as I was eased into usually routines (gotta be careful because at my work there “is no such thing as routine”) it’s a safety thing… Anyhoo, it was almost like I never left. I caught myself thinking “am I suppose to be going anywhere this time home? Like Florida? Europe? Maybe Hawaii?? Oh no.. sadly I’m not. The temperature was about -20 ambient with a slight wind. It only takes a few minutes to get frostbite on any exposed skin! We built 5 scaffolds today on a 10 inch line. The northern lights came out a few times and I wondered if they were “end of the world” northern lights. Nothing….not a damn thing….not even aliens man. It was slightly tough to adjust back to the cold after being in Miami for nearly three weeks. I wish I could describe to you the pain of extremely cold fingers and toes. It’s kind of like holding a lighter to your skin…yea that sounds about right. My toes get so cold, usually the middle toe is the one to go first. It feels like your sock is rolled up or wedged in between your other two toes. Nope, that’s another toe, so stop picking at it with the big toe because you might rip it off.
We have a good crew this hitch but I’m sure it will change up next week or so. I was already moved to a Sunday change out (instead of my normal Thursday change out). It’s kind of an upset since it throws off some plans for 2013 but I’ll do what I do best, which is adapt and overcome. I’m not sure what else to write. I’ve been up for 24 hours and I have a long 20 days ahead of me. Anyone want to trade jobs for a few days? Maybe you would like to work in an oil field for a bit! It can be fun. Haha jaykay.  🙂


About Ian Amidon

I love listening/writing/recording music. I own three cats (Lilly, Leila & Poet) and two husky/lab mix named Cody and Roman. I'm 28 years old and I own my own place which keeps me busy. I have an amazing wife named Nicole and a loving family. I enjoy entertaining others, debating, arguing, eating, drinking, shooting, reloading, shooting again, and social networking.

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