Home of The Brave?

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”

Many people ask what my problem is when it comes to the nation or our government. I try not to solely blame it on one person such as Obama (he’s too stupid to do it by himself). I believe we as a society has failed and will continue to fall until we are presented with the worse. We just stopped caring and those who do care are singled out as [insert your label built off of the fear you drown in]. I understand it’s near pointless now days to continue the ranting, the complaining, the posts and the opinions because frankly it’s like talking to a dead animal. And you, America, are one big dead animal. You work your job. You pay your taxes. You go home. You watch your t.v. You listen to media. You label what they say is good and evil. You fail to explore. You fail to be curious. You live in fear by denying the fact that you’re scared. You say you don’t care because you have lost any ability to fight for anything at all. You have fallen and you’ve become too weak to stand back up because you are so use to someone else doing it for you. Fix yourself, then fix who you vote into running this country, then maybe fix the nation. Until then, keep doing what you do best, cowering in the shadows along with the rest of us. Accept it. Born. Live. Procreate. Die.

Like animals.

Like sheep.

Focker out.


About Ian Amidon

I love listening/writing/recording music. I own three cats (Lilly, Leila & Poet) and two husky/lab mix named Cody and Roman. I'm 28 years old and I own my own place which keeps me busy. I have an amazing wife named Nicole and a loving family. I enjoy entertaining others, debating, arguing, eating, drinking, shooting, reloading, shooting again, and social networking.

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