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We’ve All Been There


Yours Truly

War Pigs

Rolling Shades of Gray

In Darkness, There Is Light

What We Train For

It’s What We Train For

Instruments of the Past: It Was Worth All the While

They rest in rows

Collecting dust and grime

Hollowed bodies with echoing stories

Sounds that never saw the light of day

Seasoned strings of bronze, nickel and steel

Whiskey stained rosewood

Hints of DNA and dead skin on trial*

Not dead, but dormant

Not finished, just resting

The first of many. My sad attempt at poetry.

* indicates my nod to Green Day


Mami’s Empanadas

Quick shout out to this little gem. A small Latin Cuisine food trailer nestled in an alley, shaded by buildings with a mild draft to keep you cooled. Two tables and a chef named Alex Arango. Accompanied with a small yet simple menu, you’ll be satisfied. Stop drooling, order your food, sit and eat the damn thing and thank me later.