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We’ve All Been There


Mami’s Empanadas

Quick shout out to this little gem. A small Latin Cuisine food trailer nestled in an alley, shaded by buildings with a mild draft to keep you cooled. Two tables and a chef named Alex Arango. Accompanied with a small yet simple menu, you’ll be satisfied. Stop drooling, order your food, sit and eat the damn thing and thank me later.

Act 1: Anticipation, Jameson, & A Summer That Never Was

The fuck are you doing, Ian? Get off of social media, you’re suppose to be on vacation!

Shut up I get it.

We aren’t on vacation yet, so calm your nuts. We board in ten minutes or so… not sure… I lost count. Maybe it already left and we are just the assholes sitting in these black chairs staring at the ‘C5 Gate’ sign.

A double shot of Irish whiskey so far and I anticipate more to come.. I mean shit… I get to drink for six hours and one minute here soon. But if you were wondering, yes…. the buzz has set it. The slight numbing of the tip of my tongue and the unusual ability to not give a shit is about a solid 8/10. In just a few short hours I will be sitting on a beach with sand in my ass and I couldn’t be more excited.

But you travel all the time.

Fuck that. Who are you again?

Oh it’s the other dude speaking, aroused by Jameson. Not actually aroused you pervert. Triggered, and not the snowflake triggered.

I love this part..the sitting and waiting. People watching. The look on their faces of disappointment. Well… the ones getting off of a plane. They are going back to work on Monday and that sucks balls. I know someone who’s not going to work.

These shit heads right here!

(I actually just pointed a thumb at myself)

It’s been too long since we’ve vacationed. Like actual vacation. Okay it’s been two years maybe but who the fuck is counting (787 days). Seattle doesn’t count. I sweat my ass off in Seattle and climbed stairs in stuff. Yeah I had a blast but I mean… it’s no vacay.

Summer went by too quick. Between two jobs and my wife working her ass off, I really can’t recall summer. I mean I recall mowing the lawn every ten minutes and fixing minor bullshit but yeah sure… summer was great! We had some interesting calls while I was on shift with the FD (that screw driver call though!) and of course the constant evolving changes with the clinic. Needless to say I’m burnt out. We, are burnt out. So what better than a total reset by going to Hawaii?! Stay tuned because as much as I love to get away, I’m still taking a small part of you all with me. I’m just going to casually torture you with live streams on the beach…. like a pair of pliers twisting your nipples… or testies. Whatever you’re into.

If you’re new to my blog. I’m extremely vulgar.

Hey wait, I hate to cut you wonderful people short…. but it’s boarding time.

See you in six hours!

Amidon Lampoons Vacation

The Year of Travel

     For the past few weeks, let’s face it, facebook has been owned by our big wedding. Hundreds of photos have been uploaded and more photos here and there have been uploaded almost daily. We still can’t believe how well everything went and it all still feels like it was a dream because it happened so fast. Since the day I proposed to Nicole, it seemed like the wedding day was never going to arrive and now that it has, I wish the vacation wasn’t over.

Which brings me to introduce our next adventure!

   “…Make record of your journey…”

     A few months after the proposal, I started brain storming a plan. I didn’t want our honeymoon to be a cliche one trip kinda thing. I always try and do things different so why not this. I thought of a three to four phase honeymoon involving three or four trips spread through out the year of 2016. I’ve done quite a bit of traveling but Nicole hasn’t been to too many places so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to get the travel bug going for her! So instead of getting on a plane right after our wedding and going somewhere exotic, we have decided to visit Hawaii, California and Japan.

Phase One: Pure Aloha

     Our first trip will be my other motherland. Nicole has yet to meet my family in Maui so we decided it is time for her to get some aloha! I know Maui fairly well my memory so I want to show her the island and all of it’s beauty. We want to spend maybe a week there and then head of to Oahu for three days or so. This trip will be in April.

Phase Two: California Dreaming

     I’m not too fond of California really but we thought it would be a cool idea to hit up Disneyland and all that jazz for Nicoles birthday. My sister Alex may tag along and I’m not sure if Caiti can but that would be cool. I’ve been to San Fransisco and it wasn’t too bad of a city but I’m willing to give elsewhere a shot. We figured four days would be adequate enough. This trip will be in May.

Phase Three: Tora! Tora! Tora!

    Last but not least, Japan. My good buddy Wayne approached me last year with this idea. He wanted the three of us to go to Japan and I was immediately on board. I have never been to Japan but it’s always been a place I’ve wanted to visit. It got Nicoles attention once she realized there was a Disney in Japan as well lol. The night Wayne drummed up the idea, I ordered a lonely planet book on Japan. When it came in, I read nearly the whole thing and researched things I found interesting. I tabbed things of interest in three different categories; “must do” , “would be rad”, and “if we are near with time to kill”. I started north and mapped my way down through out the islands. It seems like a solid route and hits everyone’s places of interests as well as some bonus spots I didn’t even know existed. This trip will be in September.

We are super excited and I especially because I get to shove all this in your faces and hopefully inspire some of you to travel as well, maybe even with us.

To be continued….

Finding Nemo!

First time using my GoPro Hero 3 while snorkeling in the Florida Keys! Be sure to watch in 1080p for best quality. Enjoy!

Finntroll – Under Bergets Rot live on 70,000 Tons of Metal

Finntroll – Under Bergets Rot live on 70,000 Tons of Metal

Footage by Ian Amidon – Watch in 1080p !

Symphony X (Live on 70,000 Tons of Metal – 2014)

Enjoy your morning with some Symphony X, live on 70,000 Tons of Metal, filmed by Ian Amidon. watch in 720/1080p quality!

TIHIDMB: 70,000 Tons of Metal Day 4

Finally, Day 4 of our 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise featuring performances by Nekrogoblikon and Finntroll. Be sure to watch in 720/1080p!

Warning: Material contains vomiting & explicit language.

Costa Maya, Mexico

Eight bus loads of metal heads traveled towards the Mayan ruins of Costa Maya, Mexico. After a short fifty-five minute ride, passing through a few Mexican towns and even a few armed Mexican soldiers, we finally set foot into the hot, humid, mexican air!Image


TIHIDMB: 70k Tons of Metal Cruise Day 2

TIHIDMB: 70k Tons of Metal Cruise Day 2. Watch in 720 or 1080p!

Explicit language and alcohol.