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One Nation, Under Surveillance

     I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America. And to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under surveillance, always divided, for liberty and justice for all.

Waking Up

It’s five o’clock in the morning. My alarm fades in slowly with the song “Waking Up” by Explosions In The Sky. I usually wake up this early to take my wife to work so it’s nothing out of the ordinary. She’s a hard worker. I admire that.

The morning is quiet. I like it.

It’s always quiet this early. It’s quiet because our little world hasn’t started up yet. The rest of the world has, but not ours. I like to absorb the quiet after dropping my wife off. The cats usually sleep in and the dogs tend to hop right back on the bed and pass out. I start my morning by making myself a spam omelette and a coffee with three sugars. I don’t add much creamer now days, I guess I’ve out grown it.

After my meal, I take my coffee and sit down at my desk. I call it the command center. It’s the central processor of my stronghold. My “Jarvis”.

“Good morning sir”

I say to myself out loud in a British “Jarvis” voice as my desktop comes to life. By now the faint blue daylight begins to filter over the mountain view that greets me every morning. I open my web browser and log into my usual social medias. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, & WordPress.

I am plugged in.

A Storm Is Coming

The news feed. A constantly evolving digital wave of opinions, ideas, beliefs, products, pictures, and sometimes pointless nonsense. The list goes on. It’s where our lives are written out and recorded in real time. It’s brilliant and truly wonderful.

It’s also a war zone.

A battlefield with multiple factions shelling the living shit out of each other day and night.

The quiet is over.

#Trump2016, #feelthebern, #blacklivesmatter, #hillary2016, #GOPdebate. Hashtags thrown around like hand grenades. Alliances are formed and relationships destroyed as easy as “unfriend”. You’re in the trenches and you’re as powerful as ever because you’re behind a keyboard. You no longer have to share an opinion face to face. You’re safe and secure because you’re in the matrix. Memes are like propaganda bombs filled with false or exaggerated facts about opposing parties but good job bro, really stuck it to em with that one!

We’re all guilty of it really. It’s all part of it. But I find it hard to take a side in all this. I mean I have my beliefs and I have my reasons for who I will vote for but I can’t seem to label it. You can’t claim to be a Republican anymore without being labeled a racist or bigot. You can’t claim to be a Democrat without being labeled a lazy liberal. You can’t fly a Tea Party flag without being called a tea bagger.

When did we lose ourselves? When did we go from a melting pot to a pot of water with individual groups of oil floating around? There’s so many groups and labels that we’ve started to suffocate in it all. We’ve lost sight of who the true enemy is and we are too busy climbing on top of one another as we grasp for air and try to soak up the lime light even if it’s for a quick second. It’s exhausting and like I said before….we’ve looked away from the true enemy and they are reaping all the benefits from it.

Human Qualities

Edward Snowden.

He was born on June 21st, 1983 in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. He is a former CIA employee as well as a former employee for Booz Allen Hamilton which is a company contracted by the NSA. He’s widely known for the **theft of government property, unauthorized communication of national defense information, and willful communication of classified intelligence to an unauthorized person”.

** source via wikipedia

Recently I read Glenn Greenwalds book “No Place Left To Hide” which covers what happened when Snowden contacted Greenwald about the documents he had obtained.

“…Opposition to government invasion of privacy was a major factor in the establishment of the United States itself, as American colonists protested laws that let British officials ransack at will any home they wished…”

Greenwald said.

The Fourth Amendment:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the person’s or things to be seized.”

As Greenwald said,

“It was intended, above all, to abolish forever in America the power of the government to subject its citizens to generalized, suspicionless surveillance.”

I also read that in the mid-nineteenth century, British government began opening its citizens mail, due to the development of rail ways and rapid delivery, which caused a major scandal in the UK. By the mid 1970s, Frank Church investigated the FBI and found that they had labeled a half a million US citizens as potential “subversives” and had spied on people based on their political affiliations.

Snowden handed documents over to Greenwald providing information about the US government partnering with providers, allowing them to sift through emails, messages, video chats, phone calls, voicemails and other means of communication. The data collected is then stored for access whenever they wanted. These major providers include; Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Paltalk, Youtube, Skype, AOL, and Apple. This was a project called PRISM, which allows NSA to collect data directly from servers.


Actual leaked NSA slide provided by Edward Snowden. NOFORN at the bottom right means no foreign governments/companies can see this slide.

Do you feel comfortable with that? If you are, you’ve already lost.

Some other things Snowden discovered was the governments ability to activate your phone’s microphone and camera capabilities even if it was connected to the internet or not. Greenwald met Snowden in Hong Kong along with two other reporters. They composed articles and stories for their publisher to release to the world. The story caught like a wild fire. The government has never denied the accusations.

A Song of Our Fathers

To say this story is mere conspiracy theory is only, to me, words used by those in denial. Civil liberties groups, Wikipedia, and many more have filed lawsuits against the NSA. That list can be found here. Edward Snowden found something terribly wrong with our government and felt that it was time the people finally had proof that they are watched, spied on, recorded and documented. Our government states that it’s for the greater good of the country. To help catch those who plot and plan to destroy our way of life. So once again I ask you, are you comfortable with this? If you have nothing to hide, them you have nothing to fear right? You have already lost.

Greenwald said..

“Governments around the world have made vigorous attempts to train citizens to disdain their own privacy. A litany of now-familiar platitudes has convinced people to tolerate sever encroachments into their private realm; so successful are these justifications that many people applaud as the authorities collect vast amounts of data about what they say, read, buy and do-and with whom”

If you are okay with it, then accept and admit that you are submissive. Submission, to me, is an act of something as low, if not lower than that of something on a microbial level. Yes it is true that there is nothing we can do about it, verbally anyway. This very article will be flagged and possibly looked at given the very contents contained in it, even though it is not even scratching the surface. I did that so you could research yourself and learn a bit.

Trembling Hands

While we squabble about, lobbing verbal abuses towards opposing parties on the constant stream of our news feeds that’s ever flowing. I hope one day the rest of us come to light that we divide ourselves because we let them. We are doing exactly what they want us to do and that is to remain as separate little twigs. A single twig is weak, but a bundle of twigs is strong. We are not a bundle. I fear we are broken and will be for some time. We vote for celebrities, not politicians. We form opinions off of trending topics without actually doing research and when some do research, they read one side of the story. We read media headlines that dice up, alter, and change what’s said to what they want you to read because they know you’ll only read the headline anyway. We watch as candidates dig up dirt on one another and bash each other in their debates. It’s a shame we’ve lost our ability to recognize when something isn’t right. That we now think rebellion on a violent level is an act of terrorism. That we are growing comfortable of the thought of being unarmed. That it’s okay for them to search our lives without reason. We scare too easily. We have weakened. I won’t give up on the country, but to be honest I feel that electing someone,no matter who it is, wont change anything on the grand scale that needs to happen.


Sources I used for this mini article were:

Wikipedia, Google, and the book “No Place Left To Hide” by Glenn Greenwald
Also check out the preview for Oliver Stones ‘Snowden’


907Gamers – Alaskan Gamers Unite


Good Apollo

It was a semi-hot Saturday in Wasilla, Alaska. The sun came out long enough to dry my lawn and grace me with enough time to mow it. I had pre-work blues already since I had to head back up north on Tuesday. I was anticipating the LAN of the Brave event that was starting at 1pm and ending at 1am. I have never been to a mass LAN (Local Area Network) event before and needless to say I was geeking out. In my early gaming years as a teen, I hosted a few small LAN parties in the confines of my home with some of my closest friends. Mass amounts of Red Bull and junk food was our fuel of choice along with loud music and the occasional guitar, drums, bass jam session for our “rest time”. I had a typical windows set up with windows xp and dual monitors (I thought I was cool with it)…they weren’t the flat screen kind either. Dialed in for hours, the smell of machinery, warm red bull, body odor (it actually wasn’t terrible), cables going every which way, and with a room temperature of 91, you’d think it was a scene from the 1995 motion picture ‘Hackers’. I believe the most I’ve had crammed in my room (a few in the upstairs area) was probably about eight….or nine. I truly miss those days of endless gaming, downloading, uploading, streaming, MSN updates and Bob Marley incense. We didn’t have Myspace and to send a text was ten cents a text. Our own wonder years.

DSC_0301Blood Pumping – Oh Nostalgia 

Nicole and I finally made it to the LAN around 5 pm. As I stepped out of the vehicle, I was mildly trembling with excitement. Yeah yeah cue the jokes. “It’s just a bunch of people playing video games you nerd!”. But to me it was much more than that. I’m sure Nicole was unsure of what she was expecting but I knew exactly what I was looking for. I heard music as I carefully carried JARVIS II (my PC). As I stepped inside, I could see the rows of tables lined with various brands of monitors and PC towers. Most of which made JARVIS II look out dated and obsolete but fear not, hes still a little ass kicker and please be kind, he has feelings. We scanned the room for a possible open spot and found one at the end of a row some what in the middle of the room. I set up my PC first then the gaming laptop for Nicole to use. Shes a fairly good Hearthstone player and fairly new to World Of Warcraft, game i.d. Kneecoal #1658. I typically play all #Blizzard games now days (game i.d. Younglondon#1694) and dabble a bit on #XboxOne (gamer tag Nebelwurfer182).
Instantly I could smell the familiar “massive amounts of electronics confined in one room” smell. The cluster of people “dialed” in to what ever game they wanted. Friendly competitive pvp (player versus player) and others helping each other out which tech questions and gaming advice. There were tables of various consoles set up and free for anyone to use. The internet seemed flawless (on my table at least) and the Red Bull was within my grasp at a moments notice. I loved the energy in the room. I don’t think it was #907Gamers biggest LAN party but it was the biggest (and first) LAN I have ever actually been to (that’s not counting my own LAN parties as a teen obviously). It brought back memories and I loved that fact that I was sharing it with Nicole. Not many know but gaming was and is a big part of my life. I offered to take photos with my #Nikon since I figured it was also a good way for my to practice taking photos of humans doing human things. Around 8pm, massive amounts of pizza was delivered and we stepped out into the burning light and ate real food. I took the following picture which consists about 1/3 (maybe half) of fellow gamers…DSC_0355    Overall I had a blast and Nicole had fun. I met some new people and everyone was friendly and cool about me creeping on them with my camera. It meant a lot to me to attend this LAN because I have missed out on over a year and half worth of previous events due to my work schedule. I hope in the near future I can attend another and meet more people with one common interest; gaming. If you haven’t yet, check out the FB page of over 6,200 members and growing with various sub groups for some of the popular games out there today. Join the teamspeak server and have a chat with some local (or locally raised) gamers. It’s a great community filled with techies, nerds, geeks, trolls and most importantly…Alaskans. Listed below are a few links of importance. Thanks for reading and keep calm, game on. Lulz.

907Gamers Facebook Page:

907Gamers Webpage:

907Gamers Extra-Life:

My Extra-Life donor page:

What is Extra-Life?

   This year I am participating in the Extra Life event. The 907Gamers group will be gaming for 24 hours, on November 7th, to help raise money for the kids here in Anchorage, If you want to read more about it, look at the link below. I’d appreciate any donations you can give. Last year over $11,000 was raised just by the 907Gamers group alone. So please, support me in this awesome way to help kids! ‪#‎907Gamers‬ ‪#‎Extralife‬ ‪#‎Alaska‬.

Back to World War I

A few items that belonged to my Great Grandfather who fought in France during World War 1. Photographs by Ian Amidon


Some Folks Were Born Made To Wave The Flag

Okay so I haven’t blogged/ranted in awhile.

Here goes.

I’m apparently crazy, an asshole, a terrorist, and an extremist. Oh sweet baby Jesus those words are music to my ears. Do you hear it? An orchestra of violins and cellos steadily growing louder like the score in a horror movie just before the helpless victim is killed. If thinking our whole country is fucked and the generation just after me and the generation before me is fucked is crazy, assholish, or extreme…well that’s just terrortastic! It’s a sinking ship my friends. Like the final moments of the Titanic. I wont beat around the bush, so here is my thoughts;

Divided we fall, and fall we shall. It’s not just Obama. It’s not just every moron that works for him. It’s not every moron that voted for him. It’s every one. It’s America. It’s every scared mother and father who don’t teach there kids what I like to call is the “why” reasoning. Why are guns dangerous? Why is the fire hot? Why does (insert whatever you want) happen? When kids do ask this, the answer is usually “because it is”. It’s  every asshole who has to be politically correct with everything. We have also grown to be too sensitive. I mean WAY too sensitive. Stop acting your shoe size people. Paula Dean is awesome, just fyi. Zimmerman, you did what you had to do. I’m sorry you were beaten by a 6ft tall young man who was well into MMA. No one seems to know that. Oops did I expose something on accident?! Go to church. Now we have people protesting in the streets, seeking justice for Trayvon. Where were all these people when some of their local shootings took place? No where to be found because America is based on trend. It’s how Obama became president and it’s how these stupid ass news stories take flight. Like sheep you shall be.

Lately I have grown to not want any government so by all means, call me an anarchist. It’s too late to be fixed with votes and our culture sure as shit can’t change. You have these idiots that want gun control too. “You don’t need 30 round magazines for hunting”. Oh my God YOU’RE right! The 30 round magazines aren’t for hunting my dearest idiot. It’s for 30 or so idiots that may some day want to over throw the American people in order to force their way of life. I wan’t a gun to protect the country I once loved and still willing to die for. Remember the British? Were the Americans who fought against the tyrants, crazy? Maybe I am crazy. So be it.

But I’d rather be crazy than a blind sheep fool.

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Thanks everyone! I promise I’ll kick it up more in the next few weeks.

Home of The Brave?

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”

Many people ask what my problem is when it comes to the nation or our government. I try not to solely blame it on one person such as Obama (he’s too stupid to do it by himself). I believe we as a society has failed and will continue to fall until we are presented with the worse. We just stopped caring and those who do care are singled out as [insert your label built off of the fear you drown in]. I understand it’s near pointless now days to continue the ranting, the complaining, the posts and the opinions because frankly it’s like talking to a dead animal. And you, America, are one big dead animal. You work your job. You pay your taxes. You go home. You watch your t.v. You listen to media. You label what they say is good and evil. You fail to explore. You fail to be curious. You live in fear by denying the fact that you’re scared. You say you don’t care because you have lost any ability to fight for anything at all. You have fallen and you’ve become too weak to stand back up because you are so use to someone else doing it for you. Fix yourself, then fix who you vote into running this country, then maybe fix the nation. Until then, keep doing what you do best, cowering in the shadows along with the rest of us. Accept it. Born. Live. Procreate. Die.

Like animals.

Like sheep.

Focker out.

Down With the NSA

Check this link for the hero that exposed the NSA. Rise.

Innocent Family Ripped From Home During Boston Manhunt

I don’t care what kind of dangerous man is at large. Fuck our government and fuck all this shit. End rant. Waiting for the rest of you to grow balls and start really fighting back.!

The Boston Marathon Massacre Ripple Effect Predection

Now this will unravel for the next few days but it will be quick considering i think almost everything is preplanned. This will induce fear into the public, government controls the public with fear. Every so often the fear has to be re-established. Governments gain their power with fear, public fears “terrorists” and “guns” and turns to someone to control the problem rather than doing it themselves. This explosion will be linked to house hold items bought at your local Sportsmans Warehouse/Home Depot. They will then be looked at in media as “things people don’t need to buy”. All the while the point of “its not the items, its the people using them wrongly” will be totally over looked. Thank you and good night. I’ll be in the dark shadowy corner enjoying my Bourbon while the rest of you think this theory over.

Side Note: Don’t forget to follow up on North Korea, you know the crazy folks with nukes. Don’t be a sheep and eat the grass, pay attention the the background action. Fuck the media.

Red Dawn

So North Korea is flexing its epeen again. I havent read much on the matter to rant enough about it. What I’ve heard is all through headlines and word of mouth. Apparently they have declared war on South Korea as well as US forces in South Korea. If youre going to wonder if Im worried, Im not. However how long do we brush aside these threats as just some war hungry tool pretending to be a shit talker? What if something happens? Dont be surprised and shocked if war is waged in Korea and possibly in our own back yards. I hope it wont happen but maybe part of me does. Our country needs a wake up call on this kind of scale. Call me crazy, I’ll consider that your fear.