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National Lampoons Amidon Wedding

Ive thought about how I was going to do this blog all week. It’s been by far the busiest week of the entire year and so much happened…I don’t even know where to begin. I suppose day one would be a good start.

Touch Down

      We landed in Ft. Lauderdale to a beautiful partly cloudy day with a high of 81. The wave of humidity hit us like a truck as it does every time we step off of the plane. My mother in law picked us up and the battle of the chaotic highway driving began. I’m always holding tight onto something when driving down here and I never look forward to it. We stopped for some food and I checked in with Grandma Betty, letting her know we made it. Plus I was doing a puppy check on Cody. We made it to the in laws house and needless to say, I crashed pretty quick.
To be honest I cant remember what we did on Monday morning. I think it was when we got our rental car which went pretty well. We ended up getting a full size Chrysler 200 which was full of spoiled features that do nothing but make humans lazy. Push to start/stop as well as a tiny ass knob that was the PRNDL. Took me five minutes to even find the damn thing and another hour to find the AUX plug in. Later that night,  Jeremy and Wayne wanted to check out Dave & Busters so I wanted to make it a mission that they got to visit. We met my family at the mall and walked around aimlessly to find my favorite place called Burger & Beer Joint. Their website said they had opened one in the mall we were in but come to find out it was delayed. We decided to eat at Dave & Busters and it turned out to be quite good. Wayne drank 102 ozs of beer to himself. It was also a birthday celebration for my sisters who turned twenty three.

Keyward Bound

      Tuesday came quick. We had a list of things to do such as buy alcohol, final dress fitting as well as packing the car to the limit and making it down in time to check in to the beach house. First stop was the alcohol store called Total Wine. They had just about everything you could think of and the lady that helped us was amazing. It took about a half hour to load everything up. Six bottles of this, four bottles of that, two cases of those and ten things of what ever that is. We either looked like we were buying enough booze to last us until the end of the world or we looked like we were alcoholics. We then met up with Jeremy and Wayne at their hotel. Nicole had her final dress fitting right next door so I was able to hang with the boys for a bit. They were slightly hung over from their extended stay at Dave & Busters. We loaded their car up with all the alcohol and then went straight to the in laws house to load up all the little things for the wedding. Our trunk was full as well as our back seat. A quick stop at Burger King for me and we were on our way. We plotted the beach house address and set sail for our wedding venue.

The Drug Lord House

      The house was as rad as it was a year ago when we first walked it down. The sun was beaming down on the beach and it was about 84 degrees. The water was blue and green and everything looked amazing. That’s when the excitement kicked in. About two minutes after we arrived, James and Pazong pulled in. Their reaction was exactly what I expected. I let them choose their room and gave them the tour of the house. The outdoor patio bar next to the giant pool was the hit of the beach house. We needed to find a store for groceries and booze and luckily for us there was a Publix about fifteen minutes down the highway. We loaded up on breakfast foods and snacks and drove back to the house and just a few minutes later Jeremy and Wayne finally showed up. Once again I gave the tour and showed them their room. Most of us were in the pool by the time Jahzeel and Samantha arrived. Most of the wedding party was complete with the exception of Stephen and Mallory (who arrived the day after). The following day Nicole and I made our way to the courthouse to get our license. It was an easy process that only took about fifteen to twenty minutes, so far everything was stress free. The only thing I was mildly concerned about was the lighting on the beach area where our dinner was going to be held on wedding night.
The house was made out of all stone and had a billion light switches which, to this day, I have no idea where most went to. We had an ocean front view with windows that were nine ft. tall with no blinds. It slept twelve people and had a bathroom in every room along with walk in closets and t.v.s (only in a few rooms had t.v.s). The kitchen was massive with granite counters and a 400 lb. sink. It had several hidden cabinets that took forever for us to figure out what was where. Even the dishwasher was hidden at chest height in a random cabinet door. The microwave looked like a pull out oven instead of a normal microwave which took me a bit to get use to. After a night of flipping switches and opening doors, I finally got comfortable with the basic controls of the house. I won’t even get started on the pool remote control….

Bachelor Snorkeling

      Thursday morning was my bachelor snorkeling trip with the boys. My best man Stephen Cheek (with some help from his wife Mallory) planned the event. The night before we stayed up until about four a.m. participating in a little alcoholic hydration. The goal was to just stay up until the snorkel trip and tough it out (we had to get up at 6:30 a.m. and out the door by 7 a.m.). The ride to Key West was quiet and half the fellas were passed out. I was fairly zoned out and slowly kick starting my second wind. I had only got about an hour and a half of on and off sleep so I was pretty exhausted and feeling…..”bubbly”… My insides were groaning with pure hatred as I tried as hard as I could to keep everything down… and in. It’s about an hour and a half drive to Key West which was the longest drive of my life. By the time we made it to the snorkeling place I needed a bathroom quick. Sorry I can’t remember the name of the company, I’d give a shout out if I could. I found a bathroom and damn near melted the seat. I’ll let the rest of your imagination take it away.
We boarded the boat and the sun was coming and going along with some serious choppy waves. It really looked like this was going to be GOOD fun lol. The ride to the reef was about twenty minutes and we had already gone through a cold ass five minute down pour and everyone was freezing after it. Good thing because we were told the ocean wasn’t very warm that day but as soon as we jumped in it felt pretty warm. The waves were about four to six feet and it was pretty difficult to get away from the boat but after a little effort, I found a good spot and saw some pretty cool fish. Wayne was the last one on the boat so I swam back t see if he needed some words of encouragement. I helped him with his snorkel gear and he finally got into the ocean. The waves were slightly overwhelming for him and I could tell he was not having fun so I took him to the side of the boat away from all the other swimmers. As he was adjusting his snorkel, I took a peak at the ocean floor and saw a five to six ft. nurse shark moving about. I picked my head up outta the water and right at that time the life guard told us we had to move away from the side of the boat and more towards the front…YUP! No Problem!
At some point in time, rumor had it that someone barfed into the ocean, so there was all kinds of colorful fish getting a snack. I found out later that the person who barfed was Jeremy….I wonder if I swam through any of the puke! 😀 yummm. At least more fish showed up! There was one other guy who puked after being in the ocean for about ten seconds, thanks dude.
The ride back was a lot more difficult than the ride in. I felt slightly sick from a few sips of salt water I accidentally consumed and it wasn’t sitting well on top of the chips and Crown Royal. It also didn’t help that the started serving beer and every time I took a whiff of it I got more sick. I had to stare straight at the ground or else I would get motion sickness and probably barf all over Wayne. I’m super glad we did go snorkeling because honestly I didn’t want to do anything major. I just wanted it to be a relaxing day and overall it was great. We made it back to the beach house and I tried to get a nap in. About twenty minutes later Nicoles Aunt & Uncle showed up with the flower arrangements so I needed to kick it in third gear and just work through it. James was there to help bring in the flowers and I used Jeremy and Waynes room to set it at 65 to help keep the flowers cool. They looked great and it hit me even more than the big day was getting closer.

Friday Freakout

      The day before the wedding is when things started to require a plan b and go figure they all happened within thirty minutes of each other. The first thing to go another route was cake transportation. Nicoles mom reserved a van to have enough space to carry everything down and sure enough, when she showed up to pick it up, they didn’t have the van anymore. Quite minor but they delay set back her brother who needed to pick up the tuxedos for Wayne, Jeremy and myself. One thing I’ll add about the tuxedos: on Wednesday Mens Warehouse called me around four pm and told me we had to be there by nine pm for a final fitting. Little did they know we were already in The Keys and just so happen to be in Key West. I told the lady we had planned to come in early Friday morning for our final fitting and pick up and she said there was no way it was going to happen. I told her we will try and come down and then I hung up with no intentions of actually making it….. we were just going to have to wing it.

Briana Keaton – Plan B

      Briana is a good friend of ours and I love her to death. She just so happened to be fifteen minutes away from the Mens Warehouse that had our suits. It was almost meant to be and she acted quickly and was able to pick them up and extend our return day to Monday. I cannot thank her enough but I did get the opportunity to share some Bourbon with her. She also was a soldier on the day of the wedding, getting people breakfast and drinks. I’m so glad she was able to make it.

Steve Rank and his Plan B…C…D & E

      The story of Steve is a complete chapter in itself. A few days after I proposed to Nicole, Steve informed me that he was an ordained minister and offered his service of performing the wedding for us. I kept it on the back burner for a few months and once we had a date for the wedding, I realized we picked my dads birthday. An idea clicked in my head and I contacted Steve. Steve knew my dad back when they were in high school. In fact, Steve knew most of the Amidon boys back in the day. I figured why not have a mini reunion on my wedding day as a birthday present for my dad. They haven’t seen each other for almost thirty-five years and I knew a surprise this grand would be epic for my dad. So for over ten months, Steve and I kept it a complete secret from all the Amidon uncles. There was several times we almost dropped the ball but we held it together until the very last minute.
Now Steve lives in North Carolina. On his way down he hit a deer, damaging the front right side of his vehicle and smashing the wind shield partially. As he stepped out of his car to inspect the damage, the dog he was transporting to a friend locked the car from the inside. Steve was locked out of his own car. He had to break the door handle just to get back in and in that process, he lost his wallet. With no drivers license, no credit cards, Steve continued his journey to Grassy Key, determined to see the master plan through as well as my wedding.
Of course by the time he was about four hours away, there had to be a massive accident on the turnpike that involved fire trucks, helicopters, the whole nine yards. Our original plan was for him to show up during rehearsal dinner and pretend to be a waiter. He was going to ask my dad if he would like a drink. My dad would’ve turned to say “no thank you” and then realize it was Steve all along. Because of the delay, Steve was not able to make the dinner. I’ll also add that my in laws were unable to make the dinner as well due to other delays.
The new plan was to have Steve show up at the beach house while dad was doing some finishing touches on the lighting for the wedding. I had everyone meet on the patio as dad was on the upstairs deck doing his thing. Steve arrived and sat on the patio couch with his ipad. I ran upstairs and told dad we had a problem downstairs and he needed to come quick. As he stepped into the patio, he didn’t even notice the extra person on the couch. I said “so you remember that birthday present I told you I was going to give you?” He said “yeah”. I pointed at the couch and said “well it finally arrived!”. His reaction was exactly how I pictured it would be and the two old friends finally reunited after thirty-five years.

Wedding Day Weather

      I woke up to gray clouds and about twenty-five mile an hour wind. I was freaking out. The forecast said it was going to stay windy all day but at least the clouds were going to break up. There was only a ten percent chance of rain with a high of 78. I was nervous because our wedding was on the beach as well as dinner. I walked out on the beach and realized the wind was at tree height and not gusting too bad down below the palm trees. Every ten minutes where was a huge gust the swept low but other than that it was okay for now. I watched the caterers set up their tables and battle the gusts. A few things blew off the tables but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Just me doing my worrying. During the ceremony, the wind seemed to die down just enough for our vows and then it kicked back up slightly for photography and dinner. I’ll also mention that in did rain for about seven minutes when the boys were getting ready. Yup, we got the ten percent chance. lol.

Elizabeth Garay Photography

      I just wanted to give a shout out to our photographer and her assistant, Lulu. They did an amazing job and Elizabeth was the only person that was actually on top of things with us since the day we picked her. We had a few skype sessions with Elizabeth and as soon as she showed up, she was already a friend and part of the family. I’m so glad we picked her and I can’t wait to see all the photos she took. If you would like to see her work, visit here: Elizabeth Garay Photography

Finally Married

      We finally had our official paperwork signed and dated. We were announced and had our first dance. The song we picked was “Grow Old With You” by Adam Sandler from The Wedding Singer. Shortly after we sat down for dinner and the food was amazing. We chose Brazilian Grill who had a fairly decent size menu of chicken wrapped with bacon, steak, & sausage. They brought them out on huge skewers and cut how ever many pieces you wanted. We also brought down some Alaskan salmon for our new Cuban family to try. Everything was a hit and it all went smooth.
After dinner is when the party started. Vision DJ was the vendor we chose and they did an awesome job. The upright lighting and music was on point. The DJ was very professional at announcing everything we wanted and how we wanted it. I kept my alcohol consumption mild, I wanted to be able to act quickly if anything went wrong. After all, we were renting a multi million dollar house with windows all over the place. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and the lighting turned out perfect. There seemed to be a sufficient amount of alcohol and mixers as well. Overall, the small issues were just that, small. Everything worked its way out just like everyone said it would. I suppose it’s only natural to worry because you spend so much time and money for this day and you want it flawless. It it’s own way it was flawless. It was a damn good time.

A Thank You

      I don’t even know how to get everyone who has helped this wedding turn out the way it did. Too many to think of by name. My family, my in laws, my friends as well as the friends I met from the internet who also showed up. I feel like everyone had some kind of contribution and every single bit helped. I’m so glad two awesome families came together and had a bitching time. I met people who I’ve played video games with for over eight years but have never met before until this night. Long time internet friends who I have met before also came down and came through with whatever I needed. My kick ass WIFE for doing most of the grunt work, planning, and choosing. My awesome groomsmen stuck through all the chaos and “I dunno wtf is going on”. There was plenty of that going on. But remember…’s not an Amidon shindig if there isn’t any “wtf is going on” moments. I love you all.


Small Town Famous presents: TIHIDMB – 70,000 Tons Of Metal


As some of you know, myself and two other friends are about to embark on a journey….in 186 days ,6 hours, 21 minutes and 8…..7…..6…..5 seconds. It is a heavy metal cruise called “70,000 Tons of Metal”, which departs from Miami and into the Caribbean (where exactly hasn’t been voted on yet). We will set sail for five days and four nights. 40 bands will journey with us as we explore the wonderful world of face melting, drinking, sun roasting, cruise life.

I am proud to announce that during this journey I will be filming the entire event. Six episodes recapping our adventure filmed with a GoPro Hero 3, Sony HD camcorder, various iphone angles and a Nikon D3100. All data will be stored on a 3 terabyte hard drive where it will remain safe and sound until I return home to edit it with Sony Vegas Pro. The first episode will recap the final morning in Alaska as well as the journey to Miami. This episode I will “edit as I go” via laptop and upload hours before we board the cruise ship. I’m hoping this will act as a hook and keep you interested and waiting for the final product.

I look forward to bringing you the very first “This Is How I Drink My Bourbon” travel adventure.

Until then, good afternoon, good evening and good night!

Explosions In The Sky

So I had this crazy dream about the beginning of the end of the world. It all started in Florida. Cape San Blas to be exact. I could tell because of the near pure white sand beneath my feet and the smell of the breeze. There were a few slight run down apartment buildings behind me with a few families scattered about having picnics and what not. I remember texting Nicole, she was mad at me and she was far away. As i was looking down into my iphone, I saw the reflection of a huge ball of fire on the screen. Then came a loud roar, almost like a train possessed by a demon. The meteor splashed into the ocean and for some reason set the water on fire. The clouds grew dark and dozens of these meteors came soaring down. It was loud and chaotic but I remember thinking of a song in my head during the dream called Your Hand In Mine by Explosions In The Sky. People were rushing all over the beach like Saving Private Ryan. My text wouldn’t send to Nicole. The message was “no matter what”. Then I found myself in a house where my grandparents were. Gma gave me her iphone (she doesn’t actually have one) because my Dad was on the line and wanted to see pics of the chaos. Since I’m known for running TO the action and not away from it, I rushed to the beach to get photos for my dad. The sky was red and the sun was setting. I ran into a group of paint ballers helping their friends who were injured from the blasts. I started taking pics and sending but the cellular service was lost. I then ran into what looked like it was our apartment. Nicole wasn’t there and there was a hole in the wall and rats were trying to get in. We only had one cat and I don’t think it was even ours, but It wasn’t chasing after the rats so I had to run to Home Depot and buy a patch to close the hole. I did all that during the beginning of the end. Pro huh?

Burger & Beer Joint

The following review was written by my girlfriend Nicole. We are both big fans of this place and I wanted to share it with you all!


There is one thing we can’t live without, and that’s food. Food is a vital part of our life. We all have different taste when it comes to foods and we all have various favorite meals. My go to meal is always a big juicy cheeseburger with a buttered toasty bun and a side of crunchy seasoned fries. All the cheeseburgers I have tried are decent but most of the time bland. So I sent myself on a mission to find a restaurant where they served top notch burgers in Miami.  I researched online for top rated burger joints in Miami and the first one to catch my eye was Burger and Beer Joint. I arranged to make plans to try out this new restaurant in the hopes that they had my ideal cheeseburger.

The night I have been waiting for has finally come and I was on my way to Burger and Beer Joint. The restaurant is located at the popular tropical South Beach of Miami. The smooth drive was a short thirty minutes and the whole way there I can hear my growling stomach begging for that delicious food. South Beach is a really famous location, so it’s always packed with beach goings and tourist. When I arrived to my destination, to find a parking spot was like trying to look for a four leaf clover. Everywhere I looked for there was no empty spot for me in sight and whenever I see a parking space for me, someone was already taking it. It took me about ten minutes to find a parking space and I had to park a few blocks away from the restaurant. The parking situation did not upset me because I was thrilled for what was about to come.

That night it was hot and humid but not a cloud in the sky. The moon was a big orange circle in the black canvas over my head, surround by stars. As I turned the corner into the street where Burger and Beer Joint was located, it was a low lit and very quiet area. I can see the restaurant was on the other end of the street on the corner so I walked my way toward it. As I walked, I noticed a group of people just having a good time talking outside what looked like a bar. The street was not busy with cars but it was busy with people having a good time. I inched closer and closer to the burger joint and I can see all the bright neon lights on the outside. There were red lights on the outside to brighten up the outdoors for those who would like to eat outside. On top of the entrance to the restaurant was a big bright yellow and white sign with the letters BB. When I entered Burger and Beer Joint, it was jam packed with hungry people and loud music was playing. The place was a bit small but they made sure to add enough tables for everyone to eat. I can see everyone was having a good time with the smiles on their faces and enjoying the food. I loved the atmosphere already. On the right side of the restaurant was a bar filled with hundreds of different kinds of drinks and it was packed as well. All along the walls of the bar were license plates one after another from different states. I put my name on the forty five minute waiting list and sat in front of dark brown brick wall which was filled with peoples name and dates written in crayon. The place encouraged you to write on that wall whenever you wanted. For forty five minutes, I people watched as I waited to be seated to eat the best cheeseburger ever.

When I heard my name to be seated, I was excited to finally see what this burger joint had to offer. I choose the option to sit outside at the wooden tables. The menu was filled with foods that sounded so good like house chili and cheese fries or beer battered onion rings. I started off my dinner with mouthwatering popcorn shrimp, served with spicy garlic mayo. The mayo added a great touch to the shrimp and it wasn’t too spicy. The crunchy golden popcorn shrimp was cooked to perfection. Up next, I had to pick my main course which was a burger. The burger menu had unique kinds of burgers. For example, the Fly like an Eagle is served with two ground turkey patties with home-made stuffing in between, brown gravy drizzled over the burger, cranberry sauce, served with sweet potato fries. This was a burger I have never heard of or seen before in my life and for it to be on the menu, it must be good. The first burger I could decide on was the Thunder Bird. The description of the burger sounded just like my kind of burger, Angus beef, smoked Duroc pork belly bacon, American cheese, sesame bun, bourbon bar-b-q sauce, served with skinny fries. I ate the delightful popcorn shrimp as I waited for my cheeseburger. Out of nowhere, the lights in the restaurant start flickering and everyone is screaming at the top of their lungs. I was confused at first be then I see employees walking around banging pots and pans to this monstrous sliver plate that they are holding. It is The Motherbuger being served to about fifteen happy customers with forks and knifes in hand. The Motherburger is made up of ten pounds of Angus beef, served with lettuce, tomato, onion, and a pickle. This is no burger to mess with. Its size is about the size of a manhole cover and buns that resembles a pillow. Now it was my turn to try my cheeseburger. The burger was bigger than my hand and I could not fit it into my mouth. After several tries, I was able to get my first bite into was about to be the best burger ever. The burger was cooked just the way I like it, cooked but not all the way, and the seasoning is so excellent that the flavor exploded in my mouth. The bacon was not your typical bacon, it was meaty and flavorful. The bun was no buttered toasty bun but it was expectable. It was still toasty yet soft. The bourbon bar-b-q sauce added a nice tangy kick to my burger which I liked. I was only able to eat half of my scrumptious burger and I left Burger and Beer Joint full and satisfied.



            Burger and Beer Joint is definitely a restaurant I would visit more than once. With its loud and fun environment, it’s a great place for hanging out and eating. If you have the money to spend then I would recommend this place. Some of the burgers can be a bit expensive but it is well worth the money. I would also recommend that you make reservations beforehand so you do not have to wait that long list because it does get pack since it is kind of small. Overall, my experience with Burger and Beer Joint was incomparable to any other place and made my cheeseburger dream come true.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

Took this creative photo during my June/July 2012 visit to Florida. Taken in Miami with the lady.Image