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Small Town Famous presents: TIHIDMB – 70,000 Tons Of Metal


As some of you know, myself and two other friends are about to embark on a journey….in 186 days ,6 hours, 21 minutes and 8…..7…..6…..5 seconds. It is a heavy metal cruise called “70,000 Tons of Metal”, which departs from Miami and into the Caribbean (where exactly hasn’t been voted on yet). We will set sail for five days and four nights. 40 bands will journey with us as we explore the wonderful world of face melting, drinking, sun roasting, cruise life.

I am proud to announce that during this journey I will be filming the entire event. Six episodes recapping our adventure filmed with a GoPro Hero 3, Sony HD camcorder, various iphone angles and a Nikon D3100. All data will be stored on a 3 terabyte hard drive where it will remain safe and sound until I return home to edit it with Sony Vegas Pro. The first episode will recap the final morning in Alaska as well as the journey to Miami. This episode I will “edit as I go” via laptop and upload hours before we board the cruise ship. I’m hoping this will act as a hook and keep you interested and waiting for the final product.

I look forward to bringing you the very first “This Is How I Drink My Bourbon” travel adventure.

Until then, good afternoon, good evening and good night!


Explosions In The Sky

So I had this crazy dream about the beginning of the end of the world. It all started in Florida. Cape San Blas to be exact. I could tell because of the near pure white sand beneath my feet and the smell of the breeze. There were a few slight run down apartment buildings behind me with a few families scattered about having picnics and what not. I remember texting Nicole, she was mad at me and she was far away. As i was looking down into my iphone, I saw the reflection of a huge ball of fire on the screen. Then came a loud roar, almost like a train possessed by a demon. The meteor splashed into the ocean and for some reason set the water on fire. The clouds grew dark and dozens of these meteors came soaring down. It was loud and chaotic but I remember thinking of a song in my head during the dream called Your Hand In Mine by Explosions In The Sky. People were rushing all over the beach like Saving Private Ryan. My text wouldn’t send to Nicole. The message was “no matter what”. Then I found myself in a house where my grandparents were. Gma gave me her iphone (she doesn’t actually have one) because my Dad was on the line and wanted to see pics of the chaos. Since I’m known for running TO the action and not away from it, I rushed to the beach to get photos for my dad. The sky was red and the sun was setting. I ran into a group of paint ballers helping their friends who were injured from the blasts. I started taking pics and sending but the cellular service was lost. I then ran into what looked like it was our apartment. Nicole wasn’t there and there was a hole in the wall and rats were trying to get in. We only had one cat and I don’t think it was even ours, but It wasn’t chasing after the rats so I had to run to Home Depot and buy a patch to close the hole. I did all that during the beginning of the end. Pro huh?