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Life Chapter 29: Put Some Water On It

I’ll keep this one short and sweet, since I prefer my blog to be about travels and toilet humor, mostly.

Spring of 2016 I was placed into the long process of becoming a volunteer fire fighter for Central Mat-su. From minor application errors, to a physical ability test, an interview, tracking down medical records, a wild land test, 3 weeks of training Tuesday-Sunday, a written test and a practical test, I finally made it on. It’s been a busy month. In order to do all this, I needed to take off a whole hitch which means I was off for six weeks. This required me to go on a leave of absence (LOA). On the Saturday of my written test, just after I found out I passed, I received a phone call from my general foreman that they needed to let me go due to “lack of work” around the field. For a moment I worried but then shortly after I realized this was one door closing and another opening. I’ve been wanting off slope for awhile now so after the short worry, I was relieved. I’m thankful for my wife for taking on the brunt of the bills while I search for a side job that allows me to continue the fire service. Lord knows I hate asking her for money, and it wont be the last time but hopefully I get more income rolling in soon.

On a side note, I do believe I was actually the only one laid off from my job, even though I was told that “I wasn’t the first and I wont be the last”. At least no one I know was laid off so I’ve determined that it was on a personal level with management as to why I was let go. Since it already seemed like a pain in their ass that I was trying to better myself rather than spend 30 years on an oil field. I mean God forbid someone trying to leave the oil field right? As far as I’m concerned, they can keep their oil field and their politics. As for all my friends up there, I’ll see you at our annual BBQ’s!




Took this photo at work between Kuparuk and Prudoe Bay, Alaska. Image

The Northern Lights – Kuparuk Oil Field (CPF2), Alaska


Oil Field Life (Day 12 of 21)

I’m almost there….I’m almost there…ALMOST THERE!! I actually haven’t been keeping track this hitch on how long I’ve been here and how long I have left to go. Today is a go home day for some of the guys. It’s always nice seeing them happy because it means I’m almost down to the single digits. I’m still pending a request for a work over though. I want to try and work an extra weekend and get a little bit more money. We’ll see in a few days. Today was a fairly easy going night. We super crewed and took out three scaffolds in just under an hour or so and then headed in for a new years eve bbq. Steaks and king crab legs all cooked by our buddy Moses. Thanks for that brah. Afterwards we rounded up those who weren’t trained on the tucker, a huge vehicle used to travel on the tundra. I was not trained on it yet so I got to drive it today. It was pretty rad learning how to drive it and getting to glide over snow like it was nothing. Thanks George for training Roland and I. I think tonight there is going to be a new years day dinner. A fresh crew comes in today and I look forward to seeing some of them since I haven’t in awhile. Happy new year everyone, this one is going to fly. Amidon, out.



Another photo I took while at work around 4 a.m.

Everything Calm

Everything Calm

Took this photo over the summer at work in Kuparuk. The time was around 2 a.m.